The mission of our devoted team of lifestyle managers is to enhance our members' day-to-day lives.


First ask yourself how much your time is worth. Then determine what sort of an impact do you want to make on your life. After that it will be as easy as choosing one of our plans and letting us take care of the rest.

We keep track of your hours and always provide you with detailed statements to help you manage usage and costs.

Buying a package gives you the flexibility and the priority to call us knowing you have hours in credit in your time bank to use for when life throws you a curve ball.

Explore the pricing options below, and find the best choice for your needs.


Pay as you go $140/hour


8 - 24 hours $100/hour

25+ hours $90/hour (Min. 3 months)

50+ hours $70/hour (Min. 6months)
with our Circle Membership

All hours will remain in a time bank for 12 months. With regular statements you will know exactly where your time is being spent. Minimum of 1 hour on the ground. After the first hour time will be billed by the 30 min. increments. To access our Circle Membership you need to subscribe at least 50 hours per month during a period of 6 month or more.

Overnight and weekend work prices/availability are provided upon request.

We charge a standard flat rate fee for simplicity of our clients regardless of the errand. Hourly rate does not include the cost of items purchased. Services completed on holidays or during night may have an increased rate. We reserve the right to refuse service requests deemed questionable. Cancellation fee of $100 if we are not given 24-hour notice or if we are unable to gain access to client's residence or business to complete service request.